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Constance Yanke, M.A.



Creative writer

Constance Yanke has her M.A. in Communications and Rhetoric from CSU Fort Collins and her bachelor's in English Literature with a minor in Community Journalism from Western State College of Colorado.

She worked as a newspaper reporter and photographer in southern Colorado for 20-plus years covering issues in rural communities. For the past 15 years, Constance has been employed at CSU Pueblo in the English department and she teaches an occasional class in the Media Communications department.

Constance enjoys writing and teaching poetry; working with people of diverse backgrounds to understand the in's and out's of grammar and punctuation; helping individuals find their voice in fiction and non-fiction genres; and helping community elders, leaders, and others to tell their stories through memoir and journaling. Constance's approach to writing is that we all have stories and voices that add to the literary canon of human expression and that all of our voices are worthy of being captured, saved, and cataloged for our future selves to learn from and for our families to have accounts of.


Sometimes, those voices need an immediate outlet in the form of poetry readings or essays. on the social issues of our day. ACES will provide performance spaces.

And other times, those voices simply need a safe space to allow vulnerability and memories to freely flow so that the writing can be crafted into a larger work later. Whatever a writer's needs, we can provide support, encouragement, and a group of like-minded individuals to meet your goals.

Constance's classes will include poetry, memoir, basic grammar and punctuation for adults, flash fiction (short, short stories), photography, creative non-fiction, and support for writers and those wanting to be writers.

In her private time, Constance is loving being a newlywed after several years of being an empty-nester. She also enjoys the outdoors of southern Colorado including gardening and kayaking, and cooking is a particular passion of hers. She adores being a grandmother to a toddler and another little one on the way. and hanging out with her three grown kids.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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