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Ryan Yanke, M.S.

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Ryan Yanke is the founder and executive director of Artists Creating Equitable Solutions (ACES) School of Creative Expression. He believes the visual, language, and performing arts and artists are critical to heal our injured community as they use creative expression to create powerful connection to ourselves and others. Ryan is an enthusiastic innovative collaborator who has been involved in many community projects across his southern Colorado city. Ryan continues to advocate for students of all ages, survivors of domestic violence, seniors, veterans, people without access to food or homes, substance users, distressed staff, and LGBTQ individuals.

Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology from CSU Pueblo in 2007, followed by his Master of Science (M.S.) in Human Development and Family Studies in 2009 from CSU-Fort Collins. Ryan is an artist, educator, collaborator, community advocate, on a mission to use the expressive arts, life experience, and expertise to heal our community.

Ryan has 25 years’ experience serving and providing learning adventures in the arts, social services, and K-16 schools. He also works with homeschoolers, university students, mental healthcare providers, librarians, educators, and community leaders among others. He understands the complexities of life, human development, hardship, and social inequality. His work has centered on providing services for and reducing barriers experienced by those most vulnerable to adverse outcomes in communities big and small. He strives to create a welcoming learning environment that encourages creative expression through the arts.


Ryan's primary media include digital art; drawing in pastels, ink, marker, pencil; wire sculpture; and painting. His interests in artistic expression are boundless; building and kite making are special interests.

ACES Founder

Community Advocate

Checkout my artwork below.


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